HYPR is Malaysia's leading social influencer platform

HYPR helps to accelerate the rise of your brand with digital word-of-mouth marketing through recommendations by trusted and relevant influencers.

Variety of Campaigns

Try out different campaign types to feature and viralize brand and promotions.

Influencer Selection

Hand pick influencers by comparing their social media strength to match campaigns.

Authentic Promo

Stringent tracking system ensures promotion activities are genuine and catered to promotions.

Real Time Tracking

Transparent, real-time data to constantly monitor campaign's performance.

Buzz Creation Made Easy With 2000 Influencers on HYPR

Running a successful promo online can be hectic! Fortunately, we make it easy for brands to create new promotions, and collaborate with influencers to viralize campaigns across social media in Malaysia.

Variety of Campaigns
to Share

We understand brands promotion need to spread across social media without appearing forced or fake. This is why HYPR provides variety of campaign creation that allows influencers to promote brands in their own voice.

Track & Analyze

Birds eye view of campaign performance and statistics in a powerful & robust dashboard. Monitor campaign performance month over month. Analyze which promotions have the best shares and engagements. Spend advertisement budget effectively to maximize ROI with HYPR.